Introduction to Camur II

The purpose of the Camur II system is to provide permanent and automatic monitoring of potentially corroding steel in concrete. 

The system is based on required components for data retrieval, nodes and sensors for measurements of corrosion state and ICCP (cathodic protection) products. 

To collect all data from the different sensors, the system is using Bus cable. This runs thru every node and is lead to a control cabinet with a Bus Interface and a Controller mounted. 
Different sensors measures different potentials and transmits analouge signals to the nodes witch transforms them to digital -all galvanically separated to keep measurement data as accurate as possible. 

Advantages with Camur II 

  • digital signal transfer protects the integrity of measured signals and is immune to electromagnetic noise
  • with the use of bus cable there will be a reduction of cable use contrary a centralized monitoring system
  • the node provides a galvanic separation between the analogue and digital side
  • every node and sensor gets an ID and can be given a certain name
  • every node has its own microprocessor
  • Camur II is scalable, all from small systems with few and simple measurements to advanced - Camur II is adaptable to fit demanding requirements to the exact

Where to install Camur II

  1. New builds where sensors are being casted in fresh concrete. 
  2. When external conditions are hard on a specific building component/structure and you need to monitor the development. 
  3. Where there has been signs of corrosion and repair works are being done to maintain the structures strength. Where Cathodic protection system is installed.
Various installations needs different kinds of sensors in different conditioning, consequently there can be several types of Camur II products in one installation. 

Nodes with quick connectors are mainly used for indoors installations and mounting in cabinets. While nodes for casting or embedding is designed in IP classified boxes (see datasheets for information regarding our range of nodes)  


Hardware of the Camur II system

Some nodes are general and work together with a variety of sensors, while other nodes does advanced measurements for specific sensors.
For example P-nodes measures potential between a reference electrode, like ERE-20 and the rebar.
The LPR-node is designed to perform LPR measurements when connected to rebar, reference electrode and counter electrode. 

Some nodes are developed for added functionality, like the W-link (transmits bus signals wireless), Alarm (triggers alarms). Some is for increased capacity of the system, like the Bus Repeater (repeats the signals extending the number of nodes on one bus) and Bus Protector (protecting the signal from interference). 

Camur II Cathodic Protection 

If ICCP (impressed current cathodic protection) is being used the FixVolt series of power supplies will give power to the anode side. Ranging up to 8 Ampere one FixVolt will cover a certain area, several connected will cover whole constructions like bridges and facades. 

Bus cable 

The bus cable connects all nodes and there must only be one bus cable running thru the whole installation. The bus requires power, supplied with the Bus Interface to transmit signals between the nodes and the Controller. The bus cable should be designed to pass the measurement points (nodes) in the shortest way. 

Camur II Controller

The Controller is the supervisor of the Camur II installation and one of the required components you cannot do without. It is responsible for configuration of all settings, like alarm triggering and Power Output from FixVolts. The Controller monitors and stores all important events on the installation with the software programs Camur II Server and Camur II Monitor running on it.

Complied Camur II components 
(hardware and software)

For monitoring 
  • one Controller
  • one Bus Interface 
  • one (or several) Camur II nodes 
  • Bus cable running thru all nodes 
For remote monitoring 
  • Modem, GSM module or internet mounted in connection with the Controller (preferably in a cabinet)
  • Project Manager software installed on the remote side
  • Web Console software program for visual and report purpose   
For ICCP - cathodic protection
  • FixVolt power supplies (0,1A, 1A, 3A and 8A)
  • Anode (Zebra conductive paint, Titanium anodes)
  • Reference electrodes
  • Cathodic Protection cables 
Camur II software 

The Camur II system consists of different software programs dependent on your need and wishes for functionality of your installation. Camur II Server and Camur II Montitor is programs installed on the Controller, and you need them from the start. If you would like to be able to control the installation from the office or your personal computer the license based programs Camur II Project Manager will let you do so. 

Camur II Server 

Camur II Server is a core software already integrated on the Controller when you bye it. It also needs to run on the computer you will use for remote monitoring and will automatically be installed when you bye Camur II Project Manager software for this purpose. 

Camur II Monitor  

Camur II Monitor is the program used to configure the Controller to do measurements, logging recordings and set decay. It is the program that lets you verify and "see" the installation. It is also required for remote monitoring and will automatically be installed when you bye Camur II Project Manager software for this purpose.