Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some common questions below. 
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What tools & spare parts would I need for installing and maintaining a Camur II installation? 

Handy tools and spare parts may include
  • Power supply for Camur II Bus (DIN mount)
  • Screws for Camur II nodes, lid (Pan Head 30, T7, 10x2.5mm)
  • Screws for Camur II nodes, wallmount (Pan Head Tapping Screw, 38x3.5mm)
  • DIN rail mounting clip (50x15x10mm) & screws (PH30,T7,10x2.5) for Camur II nodes
  • Terminating resistors for Camur II Bus (120 ohm)
  • Spare fuse for Camur II FixVolt (7.5A, 3.8x11.9x16.2mm, automotive blade fuse)
  • Spare fuse for CM-2 rebar continuity tester (T10A, 5.2x20mm, glass tube)
  • Dielectric silicone grease (tube, 310 ml) , electrical insulating compound, moisture proof seal for Camur II nodes. Suitable for 310 ml skeleton caulking gun 

Is it possible to connect multiple buildings wireless, and to monitor them all from one Camur II Controller?

  • Yes!  You only need the Camur II WLink node to connect the buildings wireless, eliminating the installation of Bus Cable.

How many sensors is it possible to monitor on one bus cable?

  • It is a limit of 100 nodes for one Camur II Bus Interface. If your installation consists of 100 pcs P4 nodes it means you are monitoring 400 sensors. If you need additional nodes it is possible to extend the bus with the Camur II Bus Repeater and then get 100 additional nodes. You can also connect multiple Bus Interfaces to on Controller.

Can I connect more than one bus cable to the Camur II Controller?

  • Yes, you will then need multiple Bus Interfaces. The number of Bus Interfaces for one Camur II Controller is limited by the number of USB inputs available. Note that for very large installations the processing speed of the Controller may also be a limiting factor. Please verify with Protector before ordering.

Is it possible to make the system make automatic measurements at given intervals?

  • Yes! The schedule is easily set in Monitor on the Controller. This is very useful for measurements of polarization and decays (Cathodic Protection). 

Does the software present only numbers, or can it make graphs, for e.g. monitoring and decays ?

  • Project Manager exports numbers for you to present. For graphical presentations Protector offer the services of Web Console where visual graphs of decay measurements are presented with a chosen report template.

Is it possible to access the system remotely only from the office, or can I access it from my laptop?

  • Yes, you may access your installation from both the office and from your laptop.

Is there an App for accessing the system?

  • For the moment this option is not supported for Camur II. 

Does the system give a warning if something is wrong, e.g. no power, too much power?

  • Yes, you may see if the system is OK directly on the Controller. Or you may enable alarm trigger functions in Project Manager. 

Can the 4 channels of the P4 node be split between multiple zones?

  • No, all four input channels have to be used within the same zone when used with cathodic protection. One reason is that this is important for correct timing of the depolarization measurement.